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Edit Profile

Only your username will be visible, all other information is private and will never be shared with other users. Only our administrators and moderators will see this information.

Account Information 

  • Username – Don’t use your email or full name. Privacy is important.
  • Email, Phone & Mobile – you can opt-in to receive important notifications. See Notifications

Personal Information – This information can help us match you with the right individuals if you request a connection.  

  • Current Address
  • Birth Information
  • More Information – anything else that can help you connect with other users.

We can help connect… we can help you find people you would like to connect with. Please provide as much information as possible. If the person is registered on the site, the system will auto detect and notify our moderators to review and connect. If the person is not a user, our moderators will reach out and invite the person to join the site and create that connection.

About Any Service Providers – you can also connect with other businesses that you have worked with recently or in the past. This is another way to help us connect our groups.

How can we help?