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Introducing Our Hearts Connect. Those involved in open adoption and foster care need a secure way to stay in touch. Here is that safe way to connect. Our web app can be monitored at different levels to ensure communication is healthy and safe. This is a revolutionary way!

This is Our Hearts Connect

Our Hearts Connect allows relationships to grow as each member contributes to their unique, secure group. This will help build a long-term healthy relationship.

Why Choose Us?

Our Hearts Connect works on your computer and mobile browser. You will be in a unique group where you can share and see updates and photos anytime from anywhere.

Who is Our Hearts Connect for?

For those navigating open adoption and foster care, maintaining secure communication is essential. Our Hearts Connect offers a safe solution for staying connected. Our web app features customizable monitoring levels to promote healthy and safe communication. It’s a groundbreaking tool for preserving connections while prioritizing relationship safety.

For Adoption

This is the perfect solution for those seeking an open adoption journey. With Our Hearts Connect, birth mothers and adoptive families can communicate through texts, videos, and messages, all in a secure environment. Messages are carefully monitored to nurture a healthy relationship. Plus, you can create a keepsake book from the images and messages.

Our Hearts Connect is the perfect app for individuals navigating the beautiful journey of open adoption. Whether you’re an adoptive parent seeking to answer questions about your child’s biological roots or a birth mother longing to watch your child grow, Our Hearts Connect provides a safe and confidential platform for communication and connection.

Answering Questions with Confidence: For adoptive parents, questions about a child’s birth and biological roots can sometimes feel daunting. Our Hearts Connect offers a supportive space where you can share information about your child’s birth and the circumstances surrounding their adoption in a secure and monitored environment. With the ability to communicate openly and honestly, you can provide your child with the answers and understanding they seek as they grow and explore their identity.

Watching Your Child Grow: For birth mothers and birth families, Our Hearts Connect offers a unique opportunity to witness the growth and development of your child from afar. Through photos, videos, and updates shared by adoptive families, you can stay connected and involved in your child’s life in a meaningful way. Our Hearts Connect allows you to watch your child grow, celebrate milestones, and share in their joys and achievements, all while respecting the boundaries and agreements of the open adoption relationship.

Confidentiality and Monitoring: At Our Hearts Connect, we understand the importance of confidentiality and privacy in open adoption relationships. That’s why our platform employs strict monitoring and moderation measures to ensure that all communication remains safe and respectful. You can trust that your interactions on Our Hearts Connect are secure and confidential, allowing you to communicate freely and openly while maintaining the integrity of your relationship.

Join Our Hearts Connect today and experience the power of connection in open adoption. Together, we can nurture lifelong bonds and create a supportive community where hearts can genuinely connect.

For Foster Care

The potential power of Our Hearts Connect is tremendous for the foster care system. Foster children can each have their own group where foster and biological parents, along with the children, can develop and maintain long-term healthy relationships. Each group has its own moderator/counselor who assures all communication follows guidelines that provide safety, respect, and stability for everyone in the group, especially the vulnerable children.

Unique Challenges in Foster Care: Foster care situations can arise from a variety of complex and diverse circumstances, including parental incarceration, substance abuse issues, domestic violence, or neglect. These situations can create significant challenges for both children and their biological parents, often resulting in fractured relationships and feelings of loss and disconnection. In such scenarios, a confidential app like Our Hearts Connect can play a crucial role in bridging the gap between foster families and biological parents, providing a safe and monitored space for communication.

Benefits of Communication: For biological parents, having the opportunity to communicate with their children through Our Hearts Connect can be invaluable. It allows them to maintain a sense of connection and involvement in their child’s life despite the challenges they may be facing. Similarly, children in foster care can benefit significantly from receiving videos and pictures from their biological parents, providing them with a sense of identity and belonging. Additionally, foster parents can use the app to effectively communicate the needs and preferences of the child to the biological parents, facilitating a collaborative and supportive approach to caregiving.

Safe and Confidential Communication: The confidential nature of Our Hearts Connect ensures that all communication remains secure and protected, preserving the confidentiality necessary in foster care situations. With monitored moderation levels, users can rest assured that their interactions are appropriate and conducive to maintaining long-term healthy relationships. This creates a safe and supportive environment where foster families and biological parents can communicate openly and effectively, ultimately benefiting the well-being and stability of the child in care.

For Reunification

Reconnecting with loved ones can be complex. Families and individuals can lose touch for various reasons, making the process of reunification challenging. Our Hearts Connect provides a safe and secure platform for reconnection. Whether it’s a long-lost family member or an old friend, Our Hearts Connect offers a pathway to reunite. With features designed for privacy and security, you can feel confident in reaching out and rebuilding those precious connections.

Discover Reunification with OurHeartsConnect: Reconnecting with loved ones can feel like navigating a maze of complexities. Whether it’s due to distance, time, or life’s twists and turns, the process of reunification can be daunting. That’s where Our Hearts Connect comes in – providing a safe and secure platform for reconnection, no matter how long you’ve been apart.

A Pathway to Reunite: Our Hearts Connect offers hope for those seeking to reunite with long-lost family members or old friends. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features provide a clear pathway to rebuild precious connections that time may have eroded. Whether you’re searching for a sibling, a parent, or a childhood friend, Our Hearts Connect is here to help you find your way back to each other.

Privacy and Security: At Our Hearts Connect, your privacy and security are our top priorities. Our platform has robust features to ensure your personal information remains safe and confidential. From encrypted messaging to strict privacy settings, you can trust that your interactions on Our Hearts Connect are protected at every step. Feel confident in reaching out and reconnecting, knowing your privacy is always safeguarded.

Embrace the Journey: Reunification is a journey – one filled with hope, anticipation, and the potential for profound connections. With Our Hearts Connect by your side, you can confidently embark on this journey, knowing that you have a supportive platform to guide you along the way. Whether you’re sending a message to a long-lost relative or reaching out to an old friend, Our Hearts Connect offers the tools and support you need to make your reunification dreams a reality.

Join Our Hearts Connect today and start your journey towards reunification. Together, we’ll pave the way for heartfelt connections and cherished reunions.

For Partners

Our Hearts Connect partners with adoption agencies, attorneys, consultants, foster care providers, and organizations offering reunification services. Over months and years, this unique platform offers lifetime use for all participants, unlimited postings, pictures, and videos. These can be accessed on any electronic device, enabling ongoing discussions and connecting adoptive or foster families with birth parents.

Here’s how Our Hearts Connect can enhance your services and provide a safe and confidential online communication portal:

Partnerships: Our Hearts Connect collaborates with various organizations, including:

  • Adoption Agencies

  • Adoption Attorneys

  • Adoption Consultants and Facilitators

  • Foster Care Providers

  • Organizations providing reunification services.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lifetime Use: Available for all groups and users.

  • Unlimited Postings: Share texts, pictures, and videos without limitations.

  • Ongoing Discussions: Foster continuous communication between users.

  • Connectivity: Enable adoptive or foster families to connect with birth parents of multiple children, and vice versa.

  • Reminders: Receive prompts for posting or communicating during holidays, birthdays, and other specified times.

  • Notifications: Stay updated when new messages are posted.

  • Download and Print Tools: Easily save and print out pictures and communications.

  • Moderation Levels: Customize moderation levels from none to high.

  • Professional Support: Access counseling and assistance from our dedicated team.

  • Support Groups: Join moderated groups tailored for birth parents, adoptive/foster parents, and adoptees.

  • Online Training: Access educational resources for various user groups.

How It Works:

  1. Individual Signup: Each member signs up on, including adoptive/foster parents, birth parents, and appropriate children.

  2. Group Creation: Your Our Hearts Connect support person sets up the group and adds each member. You’ll receive a notification once the group is created.

    • Provide group name, member names, moderation level preference, and subscription fee responsibility.

  3. Support Person Assignment: Choose a moderator from your organization or assign moderation to us. Enjoy watching the children grow and connect!

Subscription Fee

  1. We encourage all providers to build the cost of Our Hearts Connect into your services so the group is confident Our Hearts Connect will remain available to them for years to come.

  2. The first five groups are free to any new provider so they can see how well the service works. For each subsequent group, we generally charge a $500 set-up fee and $100 a year until the youngest group member turns 20. Even then, the group will remain available. Sometimes, becoming an adult is a critical time to connect with others.

  3. We are happy to negotiate with providers to ensure this service is affordable and valuable to you.

Support Person Assigned.

Let us know who you want to moderate the groups. Someone from your organization can do this, or you can assign the moderation responsibility to us. It’s very fun to watch as the children grow.

Get Connected Today

Your adopted child has a beautiful, warm extended family watching them grow, learn, and experience the world. Our Hearts Connect isn’t just about keeping in touch with each other; it’s also about creating a record of this network of love & encouragement that every adopted child can look back on and know that this is what love looks like.

With Our Hearts Connect, there’s no limit to what you can share as you create that record. Include: photos, videos, stories, scanned drawings, school awards, you name it.

Sharing videos & photos, commenting on them, telling stories, experiencing this life together is how you will record your child’s life of love within Our Hearts Connect.

Our Hearts Connect

Where Relationships Grow

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Appropriate Privacy

Every relationship is unique. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our privacy settings will fit your needs.

Moderation as Needed

Long term, healthy relationships. That is the goal. When needed, you will have a support person who will assure all communications are appropriate and participants are safe and respected.

Text & Email Notifications

You’ll never have to worry about missing an update or a new photo with customizable text and email notifications.